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Archiwood is a creative and energetic firm with a broad working scope including architecture, landscape, planning, product design and creation of contemporary artworks. Led by design talents with diverse international backgrounds, our firm is a vigorous incubator hatching novel ideas, innovative solutions, and new possibilities. Our unifying team spirit is enriched by the happiness of creation, active dialogues and communications, very high work morale, and never-ending learning process.

 Archiwood is driven by the strong belief that our living and working experience is directly influenced by our surroundings. We believe the true essence of architecture lies in the experience of the inhabitants and visitors - from approaching the site to the moment of touching the door handle, from wandering in the lounge to sitting in a chair. The actual design objective is not the wall or the window, but the total experience shaped by a perfect synthesis of its physical context. We utilize architecture as an instrument to manipulate the experience. Also, we always value the application of sustainable design and other advanced tools such as parametric design and Building Information Model system. Our uniqueness comes from the perfect marriage of artistic creation and cutting-edge technologies. 


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